Sell My Motorcycle

American Motorcycle Trading Company purchases thousands of motorcycles every year from individuals just like you. If you would like to receive a cash offer for your motorcycle, please take a moment and give us some information below. Our staff will have you a written cash offer that is good for five days within one business day.

We also included some motorcycle selling tips below. This will help you get top dollar whether you sell your motorcycle to us or someone else.  If you have additional questions about our buying process, please visit our information page.

There are a few key things you want to consider when marketing your motorcycle for sale.  Check out the pointers below to help get the best possible offer for your motorcycle. 

Photos – We recommend seven high-quality photos.  Consider lighting and framing when taking your photos.  Remember these pictures affect the value of your motorcycle offer.  It makes you money to take good photos.  Whoever buys your motorcycle will appreciate it too. 

We suggest you photograph the front, rear, and both sides of your motorcycle.  We also encourage you to take an up-close photo of the front and rear tires.  This is critically important.  Also, take the time to wash your motorcycle.  If a potential buyer receives pictures of a dirty motorcycle, they will question the overall the condition of the motorcycle.

Be honest -  Always be up front when marketing your motorcycle.  If there is damage, disclose it and photograph it up close.  If there are mechanical issues with the motorcycle, disclose them.  Most motorcycle enthusiasts are experts at detecting mechanical issues.  Your buyer is going to carefully examine your motorcycle when they purchase it.  There is nothing worse than surprises.  Treat your buyer like you would want to be treated if you were buying a motorcycle of your own.

Modifications -  List all the modifications on your motorcycle.  It is important your buyer has a crystal-clear picture of what they are buying.  The clear the picture, the better the offer to buy your motorcycle.

These things may sound obvious to you, but they are not to many motorcycle sellers.  Even if you don’t submit your motorcycle to us for an offer, these three simple tips will help you get top dollar.

If you decide to submit your motorcycle for a written offer, pay careful attention to the five-star system.  Use the following scale when deciding how many stars to award each category:

5 stars – showroom new

4 stars – excellent condition, virtually flawless

3 stars – average condition for the age/mileage, some small flaws

2 stars – below average condition, needs minor reconditioning or repair

1 star – poor condition, needs replacement or major repair

If you stick to the descriptions above when describing your motorcycle, we can give you the absolute highest offer to purchase your motorcycle.  We hope this helps you sell your motorcycle, even if it’s not to American Motorcycle Trading Company!